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Teaching my literacy to adults

A very high rate of adults cannot read or write as much as they'd like to be able to. It can be very isolating for people who cannot read signs or maps, can't make their own appointments and don't know how to fill out forms. It can be a life-changing experience for people in this situation to improve their literacy so that they can have more independence. This blog has some information about how people can find educational courses to improve your literacy, as well as some tips on the best ways that you can support adult learners in your family.


Teaching my literacy to adults


Keep Your Child Pre-Schooler Healthy in Childcare

As they play closely with other children and share toys it is a simple fact of life that children in child care are exposed to germs and infections. The good news is that there are a number of simple precautions that will help your child avoid many of the common illnesses and reduce the impact of others. Follow these defence strategies to keep your child healthier: Make Immunisation a Priority