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Teaching my literacy to adults

A very high rate of adults cannot read or write as much as they'd like to be able to. It can be very isolating for people who cannot read signs or maps, can't make their own appointments and don't know how to fill out forms. It can be a life-changing experience for people in this situation to improve their literacy so that they can have more independence. This blog has some information about how people can find educational courses to improve your literacy, as well as some tips on the best ways that you can support adult learners in your family.


Teaching my literacy to adults

Why You Should Consider Donating To A Charity That Helps Children Develop Learning Skills

by Ralph Dixon

Many initiatives have come up to fix some of the common problems in society. For example, despite the many strides the governments and non-governmental organisations have made in ensuring most of the population has access to education, illiteracy still exists. In most communities, low-income earners and children with disabilities are most affected by illiteracy. Fortunately, people create excellent initiatives and charities to help bridge the gap. An excellent example is a charity that uses dogs to teach children how to read. If you have ever wanted to become part of an educational charity, you should consider offering corporate support to such an organisation. Here are some ways you can benefit from it. 

Transforming Lives

As the manager of a corporate organisation, you must have thought about your brand. You have probably wondered about the impact that you can have on society by tapping into your full potential. Educational charity is an excellent way to leave a mark as a business leader. By sponsoring an animal that helps children learn how to read, you transform society without having to spend hours on the process. It is an excellent way to create a legacy as a business leader and brand.

Good for Your Brand Image

A good public relations consultant can tell you the importance of having some corporate social responsibility as part of your public relations strategy. A CSI program is an excellent way to show consumers that you are not just taking from them and that you care about giving back to the community. Educational charities are ideal because they transform lives and give children from adverse economic backgrounds a chance at an improved future. By transforming lives, you will be endearing consumers of your brand, which leverages your popularity. 

For Social and Economic Gains

The department of tax might give you some tax benefits when you donate to some charitable courses. Also, you feel good about yourself as a person and a brand when you use your position to create positive change. Through charity, children also learn the value of generosity, which moulds a generous future generation. They also get an opportunity for a better future for themselves.   

Think of these and other benefits of giving a little portion of your proceeds to the right charity. You can never go wrong with assisting children to learn how to read. By sponsoring an animal, you will be transforming life for the best. Speak to organisers of charitable causes to learn more about corporate sponsorship opportunities