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Teaching my literacy to adults

The First Swim Lesson: How to Prepare Your Child

by Ralph Dixon

If you have signed your child up for swimming lessons, you may wonder about the steps you should take to help prepare them to participate. This article examines some things you can do before your swim lesson to ensure they get the most out of the experience. Read on to discover more about preparing for swim lessons

Prepare their swimwear

The first thing you should do is to get your child's swimwear ready for the upcoming lessons. They will need a swimsuit and several towels to dry themselves afterwards. If they are not used to wearing a swimsuit, this may take some time to adjust to, but it is essential that they feel comfortable with what they're wearing when in the water.

Expose them to water beforehand

Some people fear water. To reduce this fear, you can take your child to a local pool or the ocean so they can dip their toes in shallow water without having to go too deep. Doing so will help them get used to the feeling of being in and around water. After a while, they should feel confident in the water, and this will encourage them to enjoy their first swimming lesson.

Prepare a small post-lesson snack

After your child completes their swimming lesson, they may be feeling thirsty and hungry. It would be a good idea to prepare some water and fruits that can help refresh them after their swim. This will also teach them how important it is to stay hydrated and nourished after any workout routine, enhancing the overall effect on the body.

Pack toiletries for the shower

Following the swim lesson, your child will likely need a shower afterwards. This means they will need toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner and soap. They can even bring their own loofah if they use one at home.

Pack a bag

Finally, before your child goes to their first swimming lesson, it would be helpful to pack a bag containing all of the items they will need so there is no fumbling around when you get there. Not only will this help them have an enjoyable experience from start to finish, but it could also make you feel more relaxed knowing that everything has been taken care of beforehand.

If you'd like more information, contact a swim instructor today. They will be happy to discuss how you can best prepare your child for their first lesson in the pool.