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Teaching my literacy to adults

Truck Drivers (Not) For Temporary Hire

by Ralph Dixon

The idea of hiring employees on a temporary basis doesn't work well for all types of businesses. Despite the various benefits associated with hiring temporary employees, this might be the wrong move for your truck transportation business.

The discussion below highlights reasons why truck drivers shouldn't feature on your list of temporary workers.

Training And Professional Development

Temporary employment helps to bring down the cost of doing business. This is seen in various ways. For example, employers are not liable for the cost of continuous professional development that employees require in order to maintain/boost their productivity. This might not necessarily be a significant advantage for the trucking industry.

If several permanent drivers wanted to upgrade their heavy vehicle licenses (e.g. from a light rigid license to a heavy rigid truck license), they could all qualify for government subsidized truck license training. As the employer, you'll only have to make a minimal contribution to the cost of their training.

If you wanted to venture into the transportation of dangerous goods, the same group of drivers would still be eligible for government subsidies to help fund their acquisition of dangerous goods driver's licenses/dangerous goods handling certification.

Talk to one of your local trade schools, and establish how much you'll have to chip in for government-subsidized training courses. Evaluate whether this expenditure is significant enough to stop you from employing drivers on a permanent basis.

Retention Of Skilled Labour

Temporary employees make it difficult to maintain a constant level of skill in the workforce that drives any business. The fluctuating skill level that could be brought about by temporary employment could have a negative impact on business productivity.

Maintaining a constant skill level in the workforce is a greater concern for industries that have a documented shortage of skilled labourers. Truck transportation is one such industry. Statistics show that a large percentage of truck drivers in Australia are approaching retirement—a situation that threatens to create a skills shortage crisis in the trucking industry. Employing drivers on a permanent basis is your best defense against the potential impact of this crisis.


It's difficult for temporary employees to develop expertise in a specific line of work.  For example, a temporary driver certified to handle dangerous goods might fail to land regular jobs that involve the handling of such goods while landing jobs that involve the transportation of ordinary goods.

In as much as the driver is qualified to handle dangerous goods, their lack of experience with these goods compromises their productivity.