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Teaching my literacy to adults

Debunked: 4 Myths About Truckers and Truck Licence Training

by Ralph Dixon

Trucking trade schools are professional centres that help to train people to operate and drive heavy vehicles safely. If you have a clean driving record for driving smaller vehicles such as cars and trucks and you wish to expand your driving skills and start a new career, then signing up with a trucking school is the best option. However, you may have heard some myths about trucking schools and truck drivers that may make you think twice about applying to a training course. Below, four common trucking myths are debunked.

Myth: Truck license training is expensive

Truck licence training doesn't have to empty your bank account. Many trade schools will offer what is called contract training. If you opt for contract training, you will pay reduced fees in return for working for a particular trucking company for a fixed period once you are awarded your licence. While you are tied to this company at the beginning of your career, it guarantees that you will have immediate work.

Myth: It is not necessary to attend a trucking school

If you are offered training by a friend who is already qualified to drive heavy vehicles, you may think this is all you need. However, accepting such help could lead to trouble. A trucking school will teach you much more than just how to steer a large vehicle or change through the many gears. The school will also teach you how to deal with adverse weather conditions, how to load and unload the truck properly and what to do in an emergency situation. Furthermore, a trucking school will ensure you fully understand the latest trucking laws and regulations.

Myth: Truck drivers use a lot of drugs

Because they often have to drive through the night, there is a myth that truck drivers use amphetamines to keep themselves awake and alert. If a person has a previous drugs conviction, they will not be accepted for driver training. If a qualified truck driver is convicted of a drug offence, they may have their licence revoked. For these reasons, drug use is low among the trucking community.

Myth: Truck drivers don't make much money

This myth is typically spread around by people who are jealous of the good money truck drivers make. The average salary of an Australian truck driver is between AU$41,504 – AU$79,741 per annum. This salary is far above the minimum wage. As you gain experience, you could see your earnings increase beyond the average.

If you would like more information about heavy vehicle training, contract a trade school today.