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Teaching my literacy to adults

A very high rate of adults cannot read or write as much as they'd like to be able to. It can be very isolating for people who cannot read signs or maps, can't make their own appointments and don't know how to fill out forms. It can be a life-changing experience for people in this situation to improve their literacy so that they can have more independence. This blog has some information about how people can find educational courses to improve your literacy, as well as some tips on the best ways that you can support adult learners in your family.


Teaching my literacy to adults

3 Ways Independent Schools Give Your Child an Advantage (Even After Graduation)

by Ralph Dixon

Independent schooling is a great investment in your child's future. The advantages are long reaching and extend far beyond the end of the formal schooling, including increased lifetime earnings, improved life satisfaction and wealthier household. Here are three ways that children keep benefiting from independent schools after graduation. 

Higher hourly earnings

Recent Curtin University research showed that independent school students earned more than their public school peers. Men who had been to an independent school earned 15 per cent more than similarly aged peers who had been to public schools, while women who had been to independent schools earn an impressive 19 per cent more than their public school peers. This is in part due to going into more lucrative careers (with more advanced qualifications), but is also supported by the social networks formed at independent schools as well as the extra training in skills such as public speaking that independent school students get opportunities to develop.

Great life satisfaction 

Women who have attended independent schools have a slightly higher life satisfaction level. This is in part due to the strong social networks that are formed in independent schools, as well as the improved earnings and career prospects of women who have been to an independent school. This combination of social networking and career uplift can be a powerful motivator of long term happiness. 

Living in a higher socio-economic household

People who have attended an independent school tend to marry people with a higher socioeconomic status and move to areas that are more affluent. The more affluent households can then have a positive effect on the lives of your future grandchildren and so forth, leading to a lasting cycle of improvement to the overall well-being of the family. Living in these more affluent areas allows people who have been to an independent school to maintain proximity to school peers, friends and family. This can also contribute to higher overall life satisfaction. 

As you can see, the effects of independent schooling are long reaching and extend far beyond the end of schooling. If you are interested in giving your child a long term advantage, it can be a good idea to look at sending them to an independent school. By looking at various independent schools in your area, you can better see which schools might best suit your child's personality and interests, ultimately giving them a helpful leg up as they continue to learn and grow.